Added the Robert Oster Signature Ink #NgSpecial16 ink into my binder. I love how each bottle of ink comes with a little card for ink swabbing (at least I hope that’s what it’s for). @robertostersignature what paper is it made from, its really nice! #inkbinder #ink #inkswab #robertostersignature

I couldn’t help it, I know people said Tomoe won’t hold the disc binding, but I just had to try.

This is my ink binder, #tomoeriverpaper punched with the #ArcBinder punch. I use plastic dividers to separate the general colour groups (red, blue, green etc) and then use the included lined paper to further sub divide into more specific colour groups (teal, aqual, blue-black). All the non-tomoe paper provides the support it needs and it’s not like I’m flipping through the pages violently, so should be fine.