Month: April 2018

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So for others who also write a /now page, when you update the page, do you keep the old stuff in, or does the page only ever show the “now”? If yes, do you ever file/save the old contents of your now page anywhere?

I’ve been thinking about this question for a few days now and this is how I’m going to be doing this moving forward.

All my /now pages will actually be blog posts under the “now” category. My actual /now page queries for and displays the latest post in the “now” category.

This way I would have an on-going record of previous /now pages.

If I ever get around to doing a Toolbox/My Tools page like @Lioncourt or @Ronguest, I’d probably use this method again.

I got so annoyed by all the little inconsistencies of my WP instance, I went and deleted it.
Start from scratch, but the same issues still exist… I give up… for tonight…

This is the problem with a partially techy person (me) trying to do something techy. I go installing IndieWeb stuff left, right and center without understanding all the code behind it, and now things and breaking on me.
Thank you, @dshanske, for putting up with all my issues, I just keep breaking your plugins.

Bookmarked From ‘But…’ to ‘Yes, And…’ by James Shelley (

One of the tidbits I appreciated from Andre Vashist’s presentation at the System Thinking Exchange this morning was this little takeaway:
Try replacing the word ‘but…’ with ‘yes, and…’
‘That’s a great idea, but…’ positions the remaining words to stand in opposition to the idea….

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