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…always maintain a presence that you own if you care about your content. Repost all your content on your own site, so that even if the third party site goes away, you still have your work.

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So for others who also write a /now page, when you update the page, do you keep the old stuff in, or does the page only ever show the “now”? If yes, do you ever file/save the old contents of your now page anywhere?

I’ve been thinking about this question for a few days now and this is how I’m going to be doing this moving forward.

All my /now pages will actually be blog posts under the “now” category. My actual /now page queries for and displays the latest post in the “now” category.

This way I would have an on-going record of previous /now pages.

If I ever get around to doing a Toolbox/My Tools page like @Lioncourt or @Ronguest, I’d probably use this method again.

I got so annoyed by all the little inconsistencies of my WP instance, I went and deleted it.
Start from scratch, but the same issues still exist… I give up… for tonight…

This is the problem with a partially techy person (me) trying to do something techy. I go installing IndieWeb stuff left, right and center without understanding all the code behind it, and now things and breaking on me.
Thank you, @dshanske, for putting up with all my issues, I just keep breaking your plugins.

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One of the tidbits I appreciated from Andre Vashist’s presentation at the System Thinking Exchange this morning was this little takeaway:
Try replacing the word ‘but…’ with ‘yes, and…’
‘That’s a great idea, but…’ positions the remaining words to stand in opposition to the idea….