If you read my posts via micro.blog this would not affect you, but for anyone else, I’m changing my domain to sleepyowl.ink. In the end, I decided that I don’t like having my name in my URL. 😛
My old URL will continue to work until mid-April.
I’m not sure what the online etiquette is for something like this.
(How do you guys handle this?)

How many email addresses do you have?

I’ve been through different phases with regards to email address; a long time ago, I had separate email addresses ranked by how important I valued the correspondence, then I moved to Google to have the “one inbox” experience. But with my decision to move things under my own domain (and with unified inboxes being a more common feature now in mail clients), I felt it was time to have my own email address(es).

Now comes the question, how many email addresses do I need?
With my own domain(s), I can essentially have an unlimited number of email addresses.

I’m still trying to work out the little details, but this is what I’m thinking of right now:
– an email address for all my social media accounts (I might keep this as my gmail account. Why let the silos know even more about me – my new domain – than they already do?)
– one for all my other online accounts that aren’t social (online orders, bills, online services etc)
– one for real life interactions (banks, government correspondences, taxes, job applications etc)
– one as the account recovery email address for all my other accounts

It’s interesting, in the latest ATP episode, John Siracusa was bemoaning the fact that his mother still had a separate spam email address. He was saying that since his mother still checked the spam address’ inbox the whole exercise was moot.
I agree with that assessment, but my multi-email lifestyle is less about splitting my emails by type and more about separating my online identity. I don’t want government departments or future job prospects looking up my social feeds, just as I don’t want online retail outlets finding my LinkedIn profile. Does that make sense? Is there some flaw in my reasoning? How many email addresses do you have?