Finally have a chance to post trip photos.

First up, Fort Worth Water Gardens.

I nearly ran my iPhone battery dry with all the slow-mo videos I was taking.

I keep thinking that drama involving flights (eg. horrendous flight delays, or overbooked flights resulting in no seats) was a product of Hollywood – it can’t possibly happen in real life. But then I come to the US and I realise that it’s not made up at all.

Ah Mexico City, where three gay bars opposite the hotel is blasting Backstreet Boy’s “Backstreet’s Back” into the street at 1am in the morning. I don’t know if I want to join them or throw cold water out my window.

I just bought GoodNotes 5, even though I was pretty sure I’d keep using Notes Plus.
Has anyone else ever paid for an app to confirm the app you’re already using is better?