Nanowrimo Day 29.

I am definitely doing things backwards; after writing 100K, I am now going back to do all the planning, outlining and character backstories.
But I needed to do it this way to figure out the Story before I do the Crafting.

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Nanowrimo Day 28.

Completely forgot to post last night!
Last night was the Night of Manuscripting Madly (NOMM), so I was at an overnight writing event (on Zoom) from 5pm till 9am this morning.
I crawled into bed at 7am this morning, but I passed 100K!

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Nanowrimo Day 27.

So close now.
I had the unrealistic expectation of passing 100K today, lol.
I need to move my files to Scrivener soon, it’s a mess of words on 4thewords at the moment.

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90K words is a weird point to be experiencing imposter syndrome, but there you have it.
This close to the end of Nano and I’m thinking of chucking the whole thing into the Mariana Trench.

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