• I’ve been reading the rules for a few different solo tabletop RPGs and will probably write something about it if I get a chance to play them
  • Micro Chapbook RPG
  • Ironsworn

  • I’m also reading Lynda Barry’s “Syllabus”, a book that talks about writing, drawing and how you “see” the world. It’s a chaotic book (in a good way) and I’m trying to work my way through it.

  • For quite a while now I’ve been having an issue with my Apple Photos where the thumbnails don’t match the actual photos. I’m now at the point where I’m exporting and importing all my photos into a new photo library to see if that would fix it. To check, I need to scroll through every photo in Individual view and check the thumbnail at the bottom of the screen to make sure they match – 23K photos is a lot of images to scroll through…

This page is inspired by Derek Sivers.

Deleting WhatsApp was reasonably easy, deleting Instagram was more challenging.
I really liked IG and was utterly gutted when I first heard FB had purchased them.
I’ve continued using IG for a very long time since then but decided it’s time to delete that app as well.

After seeing WhatsApp in-app notification today, I messaged my friends telling them that I would be deleting the app.

I’m sad to report that I’ve received a lot of pushback, ranging from: “it’s too late to keep things from the Zuck” to, “it’s too hard to move to another app.”

Just because I like my digital stuff doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy my analogue tools every now and then.

Recently saw this time ladder layout on IG and was inspired to try it out. 📝