For a while, I attempted to track my reading on this website as part of my experiment with Indieweb technology.

I have concluded that it was just too much trouble for too little gain. There are many tools out there that do a better job of this, and not all of them are terrible.

After a little bit of dabbling around, I have landed on LibraryThing as my online catalogue of books. I’ve been using it for a couple of years now but have only recently settled on a consistent logging habit.

LibraryThing might not look as pretty as Goodreads, but it has some pretty nice customisation options. There are a lot of things you can do to organise your books – perfect for the nerds who like to fiddle.

Look, there’s a table view! (The Excel nerd in me celebrates)

And there’s even a dashboard showing a breakdown of your library: by publication date, by genre, rating, author’s gender – it even shows a breakdown by whether the authors are dead or alive.

So the long and short of it is that I will be doing most of my book ratings and cataloguing over on LibraryThing now, and you can find my library here.



So over a year ago I listed out all my subscribed podcasts. It’s been over a year, and there has been some changes.

In case anyone is looking for new shows to listen to…

Too New to Judge

  • 7am – I want to try getting into some daily local news podcast (not tech news). However, I have yet to listen to a single episode.
  • Adapt – I’m trying to use my iPad more, so I look to this for inspiration
  • Awaken Your Inner Witch – long story; a friend told me to listen to this
  • Baby Geniuses – I want to listen to more podcasts made by women, but I haven’t started this yet
  • Shameless – same as above

Must Listen

  • Accidental Tech Podcast (ATP) – my love for this show is still going strong
  • Automators – I have to take notes while listening to this show. Usually after an episode, I spend an entire weekend playing with some sort of automation or another
  • Cortex – there are two people I would listen to pretty much any podcast they are involved in, John Siracusa and CGP Grey. This is one of the latter’s.
  • Hello Internet – Remember what I said about CGP Grey (above)?
  • Mac Power User – the show dynamic has changed since Katie left; it’s a different show, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing
  • Mnmltek Podcast – this is a strange addition to the list because there doesn’t seem to be any new episodes since a year ago, but I really enjoyed this show and would definitely have this on my “Must Listen” when/if it restarts again
  • Radio Free Burrito dot Com – very irregular episodes, so if Will Wheaton publishes another episode, it’s a must listen for me
  • Robot or Not? – if you’re a Siracusa fan, this is a must listen
  • Trigger Point – my podcast, I need to listen to it to make sure the audio went through fine and that the artwork was showing up properly, but you should listen because it’s a great show (but then, I’m biased)


  • Clockwise – a short 30 minute show to get a taste of what tech topic is trending currently
  • Everything is Alive – this show is so whimsical, and just brings a smile to my face
  • Focused – I’m a sucker for productivity podcasts
  • The Sword and Laser – this show recommends so many good books, and then I listen to those (audiobooks) and get behind on my podcasts…
  • Timetable – to hear about the behind-the-scene about

Pick and Choose by Episodes

  • Back to Work – I’m so behind on my list of episodes that I don’t really end up listening to this much, but I still enjoy it enough to keep it on my subscribed list
  • Do Go On – A little bit of Aussie humour with trivia worthy information
  • The Flop House – I definitely haven’t heard enough episodes to get the inside jokes
  • ID10T with Chris Hardwick – when I recognise the name of the actor Chris is interviewing I’d download the episode to listen
  • The Incomparable – I listen when they talk about movies or tv shows I’ve watched, I definitely listen during Hugo season, or any book recommendation episodes
  • Micro Monday
  • iMore Show
  • The Pen Addict – This was on my Regular Listen list last year; it’s not that I don’t like pens anymore, it’s just that I don’t buy as much pen and inks anymore and this show is too dangerous for my wallet
  • Reconcilable Differences – same situation as Back to Work
  • The Rebound – I hardly ever listen to this anymore, but it’s not yet on my Rotating Out list. There’s nothing wrong with this show, but I have so many tech shows on my plate that by the time I get to this show I’m sick of the topics they’re covering
  • Rocket – same as above
  • The Talk Show with John Gruber – mainly for the WWDC shows
  • Upgrade

Naively Optimistic

If I ever get the time…

Rotating Out

  • The Adventure Zone – Myke Hurley keeps raving on about this show, but I should just give up on trying to listen to RPG games on podcast – I have way too many podcasts already
  • Canvas – I never did get around to listening to this, and now it’s ended, and the topics – unfortunately – are not evergreen, so I’m more likely to listen to Adapt or Automators
  • Dice Hard – If listening to people play tabletop RPG on podcast is hard, listening to people describe boardgames via audio only is near impossible
  • Download – too many tech podcasts
  • Neon Decay – same as Twin Cities by Night
  • The Obligatory RPG Show
  • Query (Ended)
  • Subnet (Ended) – this was a very good idea, too bad it ended
  • TED Radio Hour – what was I thinking?
  • Twin Cities by Night – I was looking for podcasts of Vampire the Masquerade play sessions (tabletop RPG), this was one of them. TLDR, I ended up watching Geek and Sundry’s “Vampire: The Masquerade – L.A. By Night” instead.
  • Your Daily Lex – I think this one has ended


I was going through my list of subscribed podcasts on Overcast and I realise a few of them haven’t been active for a while.

But before I go and delete them, I would like to record them somewhere, to remind myself that these shows were part of my life at one point or another, that they helped me pass the time as I was stuck in traffic, or sitting in the doctor’s waiting room.

(Since I listen using Overcast, all the following links are Overcast links)

Note: I didn’t realise when I started this post just how many podcasts I’m subscribed to. There’s a lot that I’m holding onto because of the “just in case” or “oh, remember that show?”. This post would allow me to delete a lot more shows off my list because I now have them recorded somewhere.

Too New to Judge

  • Mnmltek Microcast – Microcast by Chris Powell. A new addition, so not too sure where it’ll actually end up in my rotation of podcasts.
  • KSENIA POLYAKOVA (Ended) – Randomly stumbled onto this. I don’t usually listen to techno, but from the 10 minutes I’ve heard of this so far, it’s not bad.
  • Micro Monday – It’s fun to discover new people to follow on Not to mention I’ve been invited to guest on the show (recording this weekend)…
  • Timetable – Another microcast that I recently subscribed to, this one by the creator of, Manton Reece

Must Listen

  • 36 Questions – The Podcast Musical (Ended) – Definitely a favourite. Consisting of four episodes (a teaser and 3 parts), this podcast musical follows a couple as they attempt to heal their marriage by doing The 36 Questions. I regularly listen to the album.
  • Accidental Tech Podcast – I don’t qualified to summarising what this show is about; I’m assuming people who stumble on my blog would know what ATP is all about
  • Clockwise – Being only 30 minutes long, this makes it an easy choice as a must listen. This and ATP can cover most of my weekly tech podcast needs.
  • Eat Your Kimchi – Weekly 20-minutes peek into the life of two Canadian Foodie-YouTubers living in Tokyo
  • Hello Internet – Their description on iTunes: “CGP Grey and Brady Haran in Conversation.” – Yep, that’s about it 😜
  • Robot or Not? – Short fix of Siracusa-isms.

Regular Listens

  • Analogue – A touchy-feely show about how technology makes our lives better/worse. Hosted by Myke Hurley and Casey Liss.
  • Cortex – Because I can never get enough of CGP Grey.
  • iMore show – I can always rely on them to have something positive to say about Apple. Sometimes I get sick of the Apple-bashing train.
  • Mac Power Users – This is a must-listen show, but at the same time it’s not a must-listen now show.
  • The Pen Addict – For my weekly stationery needs, but am completely comfortable with skipping topics I have no interest in.
  • Playing for Keeps (Ended) – Took me a little while to get into the story, but I really enjoyed it in the end. Kind of disappointed that there wasn’t a second book.
  • Radio Free Burrito – A very irregular podcast by Wil Wheaton.
  • Reconcilable Differences – John Siracusa and Merlin Mann, what’s not to love?
  • The Sword and Laser – For book recommendations and book news, I rarely follow along their book club reads.
  • Your Daily Lex – I liked the idea of a someone doing a daily podcast, but he doesn’t publish regularly on this anymore.

Pick and Choose by Episodes

  • 99% Invisible – A radio show that talks about interesting facts around architecture and design that we don’t think about.
  • The @Midnight Podcast (Ended) – A weekly summary of the @Midnight show on The Comedy Central, hosted by Chris Hardwick.
  • After Dark – Behind the scene episodes for shows on the 5by5 Network. Hasn’t had a new episode in a while, but still subscribed in case something new shows up.
  • B-Sides – Behind the scene episodes for the Relay FM shows. Just like After Dark, it very irregularly publishes anything, but I’m keeping the subscription.
  • Back to Work – Merlin Mann & Dan Benjamin. I really shouldn’t be picking and choosing episodes, this is a show that has a lot of inside jokes/references, and it’s easy to get confused if you haven’t been listening to episodes back to back.
  • Do By Friday – Supposed to be a weekly challenge show, but much of it is political talk – which I don’t have anything against, but since I don’t follow US news, most of it just blows right by me.
  • Every Little Thing – A factual podcast about little things in life. Just like 99% Invisible, I listen to it if the topic seems interesting and I have time.
  • Giant Geek vs Mega Noob – If they are talking about a show/book/topic I’m interested in.
  • ID10T with Chris Hardwick – Whenever he interviews someone I recognise the name of.
  • The Incomparable – They might not always talk about shows that I’ve watched/interested in, but when they do, I just love the show.
  • Internet Outrage Machine (Ended) – Interesting while it lasted.
  • Query – I like the episodes when they actually deal with an issue a listener has, don’t really listen to the review episodes.
  • The Rebound – Sometimes they’re a bit silly, sometimes I don’t agree with their views, but this can be a funny show if they catch me in the right frame of mind.
  • The Talk Show – Whenever a specific episode is mentioned in the other podcasts I listen to.
  • Unjustly Maligned – I choose episodes that talks about things I also find are unjustly maligned, but then get annoyed if I think the guest doesn’t do a good enough job convincing people why this is so.
  • Upgrade – For those weeks when I want to listen to another Apple-related podcast, which I have to admit, is getting rarer and rarer.


  • The Adventure Zone – The McElroy brothers from My Brother, My Brother and Me and their dad get together every other week to play DnD. Myke Hurley highly recommended this. I find it hard to listen to DnD games, but I will give this a go when I have time.
  • BYOB Pen Club – If I ever not have a backlog of existing shows to listen to, I might get around to adding this into rotation, I can always do with another stationery related podcast.
  • Canvas – One of these days, if I ever move to using the iPad as my one-and-only-computer, I will put this on regular rotation.
  • The Flop House – I want to listen to this more regularly, but their humour is above me and I don’t have time to listen to all their backlogs to find out all their inside joke. So many people rave about this show though. Maybe one day.
  • Free Agents – If I ever get tempted to work freelance or work for myself. Who am I kidding?
  • Funeral Fact Podcast – This seems like an interesting source of information – possible research material for future writing projects.
  • The Glass Cannon – Was recommended this by one of my friends I play Pathfinder with as being a very well produced DnD podcast. Will give this a go when I have the time.
  • Haven (Ended) – Audiobook by Mur Lafferty. I heard her “Playing for Keeps”, so would be interested to finish this one.
  • Hello From the Magic Tavern – One of these days…
  • Helping Writers Become Authors – Some interesting advice for writing.
  • Material – To become aware of what the other half deals with? To be honest, I’m not really interested in what Android people deal with; I have friends who are never satisfied with the phone that they have (regardless of the brand or OS), because they are constantly griping about the features that they don’t have. There’s no such thing as a perfect system, and obsessing over what the other half has seemed pointless to me. Of course, at the same time, I know people who make it their life’s work to point out to me (and other Apple users) all the ways Android systems are better, and I have no comeback because I don’t waste my time crawling through Android-world looking for justification for choosing Apple. Long story short, I subscribed to this podcast during that time of weakness when I thought I’d look into Android news for the sole purpose of arguing with Android fans. I keep my subscription to remind myself why it’s a waste of time.
  • The Moth – For when I want to listen to interesting stories (that aren’t overproduced).
  • The Omni Show – Subscribed when I first heard that there’ll be an OmniFocus 3 coming out soon, but haven’t listened to any episodes yet.
  • Our Fair City – Another audio drama that I aspire to listen to, but with 8 seasons already, this might be a fading dream.
  • Scriptnotes – Interesting to hear about the world of scriptwriting.
  • Total Party Kill – First DnD podcast I’ve subscribed to, I’ve found it hard to keep track of what’s happening, but will give it another go in the future.

Rotating Out

  • All About the Gear – Talk about the latest camera gear (semi-hiatus)
  • Amateur Traveler Podcast – Subscribed when I was doing research on a couple of trips I was doing.
  • The Audacity to Podcast – From when I was first starting my podcast and was using Audacity to record.
  • Back Fence PDX Radio (Ended) – Subscribed back in the days when I was listening to a lot more storytelling podcasts.
  • Dirty John – Recommended by a colleague, never did get around to listening to it. Maybe one day, if I ever get around to listening to another over-produced Serial-clone podcast, I’ll dig this one up.
  • Hypercritical (Ended) – I wish I knew about this show when it was still live.
  • I Should Be Writing – I can’t listen to this and not think that I should be writing instead.
  • MacBreak Weekly – Used to love watching this (I subscribe on Overcast to remind me to go find the video version), but find myself not enjoying Leo Laporte’s views so much anymore. I understand the dangers of an echo chamber, but I only have so many hours in a day.
  • Shut Up & Sit Down – I subscribed because I love their video reviews, but found that I don’t really listen to their podcast because it’s hard to listen to people describing the visual aspects of a board game…
  • Podcast Method – Great resource for people starting their own podcast, but there hasn’t been a new episode in a while.
  • S-Town – I came by this the same way I came by Dirty John, and I feel the same about this show as I do the other one.
  • Stripcast – I thought this would a funny insight into the stripper world (like the Funeral Fact Podcast), however, the author narrates in an overly sexualised tone and I couldn’t get past 10 minutes. I think the author is going for the whole peep show vibe.
  • You Must Remember This – I can’t remember whether it was a podcast or a TV show which was saying this is a must listen podcast. I like the idea of listening to this, but since I don’t really watch old Hollywood movies, I don’t have a frame of reference to appreciate the contents in this show.