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I love to draw my #maps on paper with sharpies or on #iPad Pro with #procreate & Apple Pencil, usually while I watch a tv show 😊

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That looks so cool!

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I recently lamented about how few options there are for Micropub posting on iOS now that Indigenous was pulled from the app store. I had a hunch that the Shortcuts app could be a solution since Micropub takes pretty simple cURL requests, and after some testing to figure it out I put together a set o…

Going to try out this shortcuts – to post to WordPress using Shortcuts/Micropub

I don’t like to do it, but it’s necessary; I need to review all my automations in #ShortcutsApp and #DraftsApp and see whether any needs culling/refreshing.

How many of you still have shortcuts from before Shortcuts was a default app on your phone?

Lockwood & Co started off with so much potential and then it just descends into a mess of stupid people making stupid decisions.

I have wanted to get an Owlab Spring keyboard for a while now.

Now I just have to find the perfect keycaps and switches to match it.

Currently, I’m using NPKC gradient PBT Doubleshot side-lit keycaps from and TTC Bluish White switches. I don’t mind the switches on this board, but I don’t actually have enough of them, so I’m also using the Tecsee Ice Candy in the number row.