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Just received my digital copy of Colostle – a solo RPG where you adventure through an immense castle where the rooms can house an entire mountain range, forest or even an ocean.

I’ve played three sessions so far (not including session 0), and my session write-ups are here.

I think I remember seeing someone talking about an alternative to GoodReads that supports Micropub (I think?) and is not Indiebookclub.
I don’t remember the name of the website. Does anyone know of an alternative to GoodReads?

Indiebookclub is nice, but I would prefer one where I can search for book details (as opposed to manually inputting everything).

A 5-day level 4 lockdown starting 11:59pm tonight. There goes my Valentines and Chinese New Year plans.

(Level 4 lockdown: No leaving the house unless itโ€™s essential and even then no travel further than 5km)

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