Day 5 and 6 of #TheShapeOfShadows:

Things I learned:

  • that as much as I love journal pages filled with sketches and doodles, I am not good at sketching or doodling
  • the Northern Pacific sea star, the Japanese kelp, the European fan worm, and the European green shore crabs are all noxious species (non-native to Victoria and are considered a pest)

Someone sent me a link to this solo RPG, “Thousand Year Old Vampire” and it looks interesting. Currently, it’s on sale for $9USD. Below are reviews that rave about this game.

One Thousand Years of Solitude – Space Biff

Review video:

Here’s a play-through video:

I am thinking of recording the game journal either here or in my Vampire the Masquerade site (where I’m recording my game sessions for two VtM games I’m playing). We’ll see how I feel when I start playing the game.