Notes on the Apple Watch

I thought I would do a running commentary on what I think of my new Apple Watch.

This would only be very casually formatted/edited, and I’ll just be adding to this entry as I go, so check back for more updates as I get used to my latest gadget.

Okay, so for some very quick background:

I ordered a white 42mm Apple Watch Sport with the white elastopolymer band and received it on launch day (24th April).

I’ve also swapped phones with my boyfriend (he has the iPhone 6 Plus) to see whether I can handle the bigger sized phone now that I have the watch.

Sun 26th April

  • The watch comes in very handy for me with the bigger phone. I find the phone very unwieldy and I no longer have it in a pocket but have it in my bag. As such, notifications on my watch are great, I no longer have to dig out the phone to read messages.
  • It’ll be better once there are Native Line and Whatsapp applications. But for now, I can send stickers using the Line watch interface.
  • Sending iMessages is really easy using Siri – but then I haven’t tried it in a crowd, just in the car.

  • I’ve also used the map function on the watch whilst driving which is really cool.
 When I used the maps/directions features on my phone in the car in the past, I’d turn off voice navigation because it had a tendency of talking right over the podcast or audiobook I’m usually listening to. This usually means I would sometimes miss a turn if I wasn’t concentrating.
 Now the watch taps my wrist when I’m coming up to a turn which is very convenient.
  • When at home (with wifi network) the connection between the phone and watch is extended past the Bluetooth range.
  • This means if I leave my watch upstairs, I can still receive messages and phone calls if I’m downstairs or something.

  • If you can’t find your phone, there’s a button on the watch to make the phone ping (much easier and quicker than logging into iCloud on the computer). This is extremely useful as I’m constantly misplacing my phone.

Sun 3rd May

  • Every morning I wake up and look at my calendar and the weather.
 It’s so much easier to do that on the watch (especially if you choose one of the more information intensive watch faces, or use the glances), than doing it on the phone.

  • The watch is not meant to be life-changing, I don’t expect it to be; it just makes a few everyday things more convenient.
 (And if only people I know gets it, the communications gimmicks would be pretty cool too)
  • I’m a person who would wear a smart watch and being a Apple fangirl, it just makes more sense to stay in the eco-system.
  • For some, perhaps the Watch would only be useful when native apps get added later on in the year.

Lunar Eclipse

So did anyone see the lunar eclipse on Saturday night?

I took out the telescope to have a closer look.
After a while, I decided to try taking a photo through the telescope with the iPhone.

It was a very hit or miss operation and my hand was shaking so much… but I did manage a shot or two.

First Typecast

This is my first typecast, so I’ll keep everything left-aligned to make it easier for me.
So already there is a typo, and the anal part of me is itching to retype the whole thing to fix it up, but that’s not the point of this exercise, is it?
I find, when typing on a typewriter – san first draft – that I have trouble thinking of something to write. More accurately, I am wary of typing anything until I have it semi-formulated in my head.
This, of course, makes sense, as you cannot delete off a typewritten page.
But at the same time I find that my mind is not used to fully forming sentences before committing them to paper; my mind is used to being allowed to see the formless ideas spewed onto the screen before going back to edit them before clicking “send” or “submit”.
I think this exercise might help my writing in some ways. Although in some ways it would force me to write slower, it may force me to think and formulate my ideas more quickly.
Reading the above entry, I could already see some sentence structure that needs improving.
And some spelling.

From my only typewriter,1 the Imperial Good Companion 1943