I find my podcast playlist gets unmanageable when I start listening to an audiobook (in this case Persepolis Rising) and I have to start deleting some episodes.

What are some podcasts that you would never skip episodes of, and which shows are you happy to pick and choose?

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  1. @vishae over the last few years I’ve gone from an all-spoken podcast playlist to one that consists mostly of music. I have never skipped an episode of Paul Van Dyk’s Vonyc Sessions podcast since learning about it six or seven years ago. Other shows I make time for:

    Sister Bliss In Session (Music)
    Solarstone Pure Trance Radio (Music)
    The Ubuntu Podcast (Light Tech)
    CBC Laugh Out Loud (Canadian Comedy)
    Eat This Podcast (Food-related)
    Stop Podcasting Yourself (Comedy)
    Release Yourself (Music)

    There are about 48 shows that I subscribe to, which works out to almost 44 hours of listening per week.

  2. @matigo hahaha, that’s as long as a normal work week.
    I haven’t heard of any of those podcasts and I’m going to go add them to my list now – and adding even more stuff to my playlist 😝

  3. @vishae At this point, ATP and Upgrade are the two podcasts I never skip. I have quite a few more than I listen to nearly every episode, and then an even bigger number of shows into which I just occasionally dip. Audio books definitely influence how many podcasts I get through each week, though, as I read a lot.

  4. @vishae wow. That’s quite the list. I used to listen to a bunch of those shows, too. 36 Questions was awesome. I looked forward to every episode. Why aren’t there more musical podcasts? 🤐

    Have you listened to Steal the Stars? It’s not a musical, but it was “an interesting love story plus an alien” show that finished a little while back.

  5. @Lioncourt sometimes I feel that because podcasts can be very time-sensitive, I need to listen to those first and let my audiobook listening lapse. But I’m also thinking, if an episode loses importance that quickly, I might not need to listen to it anyway?
    But I agree, ATP is a must listen for me.

  6. @matigo yeah, why aren’t there more musical podcasts?
    I’m putting Steal the Stars on my list.
    Btw, Playing for Keeps is a pretty interesting superhero podcast/audiobook.

  7. .@vishae Have to admit I don’t miss any of the Relay FM that I about subscribed to, including the Pen Addict, Clockwise, Connected, Cortex,
    Manpower User, Playing for Fun, Reconcilable Differences, Top 4, Ungenius and Upgrade. I listen to my Audible book for 30 minutes before I go to bed.

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