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  1. @vishae Was it as good as the Bobiverse ones? I really enjoyed those, but haven’t tried thi one yet. I probably will, though. Just finished 35+ hours of a biography of Winston Churchill!

  2. @vanessa when I read the Bobiverse books, I binged all three of them in one go, so I don’t remember how I felt after just book one.
    But it’s a safe bet that if you liked the Bobiverse, you should like this one.

  3. @vanessa oh yes, I was really glad to see that it was the same narrator. Have you heard any other books he’s narrated? Any recommendations?
    Btw, if you like Bobiverse, you might like Expeditionary Force by Craig Alanson.

  4. @vishae He did Earthcore, by Scott Sigler. I really enjoyed that one, too. Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll add it to the list. I work from home mostly, and when I’m doing stats and analysis, I listen to lots of books/podcasts.