I’m thinking of using this for podcasting while I’m traveling – I wouldn’t want to bring my whole kit around with me.

@ Macgenie or anyone else who uses a 🎙 attached to their phone for audio recording, how good is the Shure mv88? I’m thinking of buying one, or would the zoom iQ7 be better? Any other recommendations?


I have the old version of the Glif, which requires an Allen Key to adjust. Since I use the glif between many different devices, I’m really tempted by this version of it.

For those who are also playing with iOS 12 beta, have you been able to send SMS’s? The green bubble ones.
I’ve been getting “Not Delivered” error messages… (I’ve only just noticed since most of my contacts are also iOS)
I have no trouble receiving messages, green or blue bubbles, but can’t send to green bubble friends.

The Importance of Wishlists

I used to have problem controlling my impulse buys; when a new fountain pen ink comes out, I click buy, a new washi tape that I found, *buy*, some new gadget/doodad that I saw a review of, *buy*.

Most of the time, I did this because I had no centralised way of saving my wishlist for later. Instead of possibly losing track of the website or having the item lost under a pile of other similar items in an Amazon search, I just added it to my checkout basket.

It’s true that websites like Amazon or eBay have their favourites or wishlist feature, but how do you remember a small online scrapbook suppliers store you found through Google images?

When Pinterest came out, it was a god send. Instead of impulsing buying every thing that took my fancy, I just pinned it.

I had Pinterest boards of online classes I wanted to take, clothes I wanted to buy, fountain pens that people are raving about.

Immediately, my desire for buying half the stuff I pinned faded; these items were recorded somewhere else, safe from the leaky memory of my meat brain. I can review these items at my leisure, and not be pressured by my desire to reduce the number of open tabs I have in my browser.

Also, by having categorised wishlist boards, I can easily compare items across different websites – just how many polka dot washi tape did I really need?

Of course, in keeping with not relying on social media silos, I’m thinking of pinning my Wishlist items to my blog instead.

Wish would be the perfect post kind for this, and thanks to Chris Aldrich (@(c)), I was able to set that up without much problem.

So heads up, they’ll be a few wish posts popping up on the micro.blog timeline very soon.

@c I was thinking of writing a “wish” blog post, and saw from the indieweb wiki that you’ve done it on your blog using the post kind WP plugin.
Could you walk me through how you did that?

I haven’t mentioned this yet, but last Thursday I voice acted 🎙 in a small role on “Blitz in Space” a Star Wars audio drama that’s part of the X-Wing podcast, “Hell of a Pilot“.

The episode is not out yet, but you can listen to the first two episodes here, and here.