Coming to Hong Kong instead of going to Japan was supposed to reduce my pen spending this year.
Oops… (this does not include the paper goods I got…)
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  1. @fenchurch Okay, here we go:
    J Herbin and Shikiori – Eslite (bookstore) in Hysan Place
    Sailor Jentle – CN Square (stationery store) near Mongkok
    Edelstein – Pelikan Hub (guess I shouldn’t lump it with my other purchases)
    The other three Sailor inks (Athena, Penne19, Iroshizuku) – got them from other members of a pen group I met during the Pelikan Hub. Great people, really friendly, and all enablers (I can put you in contact with the organiser of the group if you want).
    Franklin Christoph Model 03 – ordered it from their website to be shipped to Hong Kong
    Sailor X Wancher Aqua Blue Pro Gear – ordered from Rakuten, shipping to Hong Kong is cheaper than to Australia

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