Does anybody else have this problem: I can’t decide on a domain name or constantly wanting to change my domain name…

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  1. @jack I know, and that’s the sensible way of thinking about it, but I feel like I haven’t landed on the one yet. Maybe this new one will be it… I guess it’s also because I don’t have that many followers, so it’s not that disruptive if I change domain names… (excuses, I know)

  2. @vishae At first I kept them, but then I went minimalist and now only have one. After going through several iterations of changes I came to the conclusion I’d never be content with any particular one longer term so basically decided “good enough”.

  3. @vishae @vishae One of the things I discovered, along the lines of @jack comment, is it did break things I had held on to. For example I use IFTTT to copy posts I make into my Day One Journal so I can see my private journaling along with public posts. It works fine except if I change my domain it breaks all the links to posts, photos etc.

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