To lighten the mood…

I know this sounds weird after the previous post, but while some people (justifiably) need the severity of this situation drilled into their heads, others need to chill out and focus less on the bad shit in the world.
Because there’s a lot of that out there, and if you spend the whole day scouring the internet looking for posts to justify your, “The End is Nigh” rant, you’ll just make yourself, and everyone around you, miserable.

So have common sense and show general decency: stay at home (if you can), maintain physical distancing (you can still be social online), and have a (respectful) chuckle at all the memes.

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  1. @vishae Oh I absolutely agree with you. After first few days and weeks of obsessing over the numbers and the news around the pandemic, I am consciously filtering out the worst news out there. Accepting the facts when they come my way.

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