Melbourne, Australia || 14th October 2020 || 8:21 PM

Walking around my neighbourhood collecting resources for the Niantic game, Catan: World Explorer.

This is for the #ADayInTheLife photo challenge on Read more about it here.

Shortcuts – Keeping Track of Online Reading (Webcomics, Web novels, etc.)

I read a lot of web series, whether they are webcomics or web novels, so I created this Shortcut script to keep track of which chapter/episode I’m up to.
I also created a subsequent script that would extract and load the latest chapter from your reading log.
I’m sure you can tweak this to keep track of your web TV shows too.

How To Use

  1. You need to have both the Shortcuts app and the Drafts app on your phone (it is not necessary to have Drafts Pro)
  2. Download the following three scripts (you need all three for it to work properly):

To Record Your Progress

  1. When you’re reading your favourite web series and want to record your progress, open Share Sheet on Safari and select the “Log Web Reading” script

  1. Select “^New Reading”2 and in the prompt, enter the name of the web series you’re reading3

  1. Wait for a little bit, it would show two notifications. First, to tell you when your new reading log has been created, and second when your current progress has been logged.

  1. The next time you run the “Log Web Reading” script, you can select your previously created log in the drop-down menu to update your progress

To Load Your Latest Chapter

  1. To load your latest chapter, activate the “Load Web Reading” Script – I have it on my home screen, but you can activate it from Safari Share Sheet if you want.
  2. Select the web series you want to read
  3. Safari would load up the latest chapter you were reading
  4. When you’re done reading, remember to run “Log Web Reading” to mark down your latest chapter

Click on the image to see the full-sized image

How It Works

An individual Drafts note is created for each web series you want to track.
When you run the “Log Web Reading” script and select “^New Reading”, Shortcuts creates a new Drafts note for the web series you want to log.
The Shortcut script would extract the URL of the website you were on when you activated the Safari Share Sheet and save it to the Drafts note4.

The next time you run “Log Web Reading” and select an existing web series log, Shortcuts would find the original Drafts note it had created and append the latest URL to the note.

When you run the “Load Web Reading” script and select the web series you want to read, Shortcuts would find the latest entry in the Drafts note, extract the URL and load it in Safari.

How the Drafts Notes Work

For every web series you track, a Drafts note is created with the following properties:
– Titled with the name you entered in the prompt (name of the web series)
– tagged with “bookmark” and “log”
– is flagged
– is archived

Every time you run the “Log” and “Load” scripts, they would search for all the notes that match the above criteria and extract the titles to populate the web series drop-down menu.

In fact, when you run “Log Web Reading” for the first time, a note is created with the title “^New Reading” and all the above properties – which is why you have the “^New Reading” option in the drop-down menu.5 So don’t delete that note.

I create a Drafts Workspace that shows me all my reading logs – this makes it easy to manage my logs (see below)

How to Remove a Series

When you’re finished with a web series and you don’t want to it to show up on the drop-down menu anymore, simply remove the flag from the Drafts note6.

What I am up to as of… 11 October 2020

COVID-19 ⚛️

  • Still quarantined at home and grateful that I have the temperament to enjoy it

Podcast 🎙️

  • Trigger Point FM” is still on hiatus although Peter will reconsider recording remotely if we’re still in quarantine by the 14th…

Games 🎲

  • I’m walking more, courtesy of Catan: World Explorer, the latest Niantic game (you know, Ingress, Pokémon Go, and Wizards Unite)
  • I’ve recently discovered Picross and so am now playing Two Eyes
  • Just finished playing Thousand Year Old Vampire (the solo RPG) with a group – write-up coming soon
  • Nile Online, Pathfinder and Seattle by Night are still games I’m playing regularly

Analogue stuff ✍️

  • My Galen Leather A5 Zip Folio has arrived, so I’m carrying that everywhere with me
  • That Amy Tangerine class I talked about before? It was terrible, don’t take it.

iOS 👩🏻‍💻

What I am watching 📺

  • a lot of Twitch music streamers
  • Supernatural – Season 15 – I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel
  • Cobra Kai – I didn’t think I would like it, but it’s not too bad
  • The Boys – Season 2 – I don’t know if I can continue watching this. There was a particular scene involving a whale and a speedboat that really put me off. Maybe it’s the current world-climate we’re in now, but I don’t have as much leniency towards scenes which serves no purpose but to shock the audience.

Recently finished:

  • Batwoman – I love Ruby Rose and am sad to read that she’s not returning for season 2. And I want all of Rachel Skarsten’s coats in the show!
  • Enola Holmes – it’s more action-packed than intellectually stimulating, but still good

This page is inspired by Derek Sivers.

I recently discovered a number of pretty cool music Twitch streamers – they’re great to listen to while working from home. 🎵

  • Lara – video game music on piano
  • Mike Choi – jazz version of video game music
  • Jonathan Ong – glorious symphonic cacophy (his words)

Fellow journalers/planners, do you use digital or analogue tools? If you use both, how and when do you use which?
I’m trying to justify when to use my fountain pens and when to use Day One.

This news about the new Tomoe River Paper is giving me heart palpitations

As a stationery snob, I admit to caring a lot (maybe too much) about the pens and papers I use.
So it would come as no surprise that news of Tomoegawa using a new machine for manufacturing their Tomoe River paper is causing me no small amount of concern.

It does not help matters that reviews show that things I love about the TR paper – paper thinness, ink shading, ink haloing and ghosting (I love ghosting!) – are all supposedly worse in the new paper.

I am now wondering to what extent I would go to to get my hands on some of the new stuff so I can test it out for myself.

It might result in me buying a lot of notebooks now in an attempt to stave off the inevitable.

Oh, first world problems…