Deleting WhatsApp was reasonably easy, deleting Instagram was more challenging.
I really liked IG and was utterly gutted when I first heard FB had purchased them.
I’ve continued using IG for a very long time since then but decided it’s time to delete that app as well.

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  1. @mariovillalobos All of the above?
    But another part of it is that I dislike the idea of one company spreading its influences over so many different services.
    And yes, that means I’m leary of Google, Amazon and to some extent Apple as well.
    But I’m especially icked out by FB because their past actions have indicated that they care nothing for their users other than as a source of data to be mined and sold.

    But why did you do it?

  2. @vishae All the above, too. I feel like I can write a couple thousand words on this, but I think in the end it boiled down to owning my own data and identity. I think everything else just branches out from that. At the end of last month, I actually went and deleted a bunch of services. I found out how difficult that can be, though! So many require you to send them an email asking them to delete your account. It’s kinda insane.

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