I think I remember seeing someone talking about an alternative to GoodReads that supports Micropub (I think?) and is not Indiebookclub.
I don’t remember the name of the website. Does anyone know of an alternative to GoodReads?

Indiebookclub is nice, but I would prefer one where I can search for book details (as opposed to manually inputting everything).

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  1. @manton @vincent I think the Micro.Blog book search is great! Only caveat is that I almost never use the web interface. (Or read…lately…but, hey, that’s another discussion) I want to read more, and I’d like to share what I read on Micro.Blog, and I think there is a statistically significant number of people on Micro.Blog that reads books, and might want to do the same, but they are in one of the iOS apps or the Android app.

  2. @vincent @odd I’d love to explore this! The only problem is that some of our book data comes from ISBNdb and not sure how much we’re allowed to surface in an API… Need to read the fine print. But we should be able to do something.

  3. @vishae I’ve been trying a number of these over the last few months, and so far very little has met expectations. As you say, most require significant manual data input, and for those of us with real book collections, that’s just a non starter. I’ve got probably 2500 books.


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