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  1. @gregmoore @sgtstretch Oh, I should clarify, the second set are Dispel dice. The first set I got from a dice maker in Melbourne: http://www.maluridaedice.com

    I’m finding that it’s probably better to buy custom dice from Etsy than mass produced ones on Kickstarter. I always run into issues with mass produced ones.
    My Kraken dice are just muddy messes (colour-wise), and even though this Dispel dice set is very pretty, they actually look nothing like the pictures (and I ended up re-inking the numbers to white because you can’t read the blue they used).
    Considering the amount I paid for these, I might as well buy custom ones on Etsy.

  2. @vishae Yeah, I have a work colleague who makes custom resin dice andthe work she puts into them definitely makes me think that you either can mass produce enough to throw out the low grade ones or you sweat the details of each die by hand.
    I want to commission her but I don’t get to play in person enough anymore. It’s all online.

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