A couple of days ago I received my limited edition #QK75 Nice Dream #keyboard.
I wasn’t a fan of the yellow in the Nice Dream #keycap, so I swapped to the #EPBT Dreamscape #keycaps instead; so pretty.

What I really love about this keyboard is the glossy pink chamfers (last picture). Those edges are just chef’s kiss

If you have extra #franklinchristoph cases lying around they work great as #dice cases. They just fit one set of 7 polyhedral dice with a little bit of wiggle room. The felt lining doesn’t hurt.

#fountainpengeek #ttrpg #dnd #pathfinder

Am I mad or did there used to be a “sort by” button on the #AppleWatch #Audible app?
My 300+ books are currently not sorted in any order I recognise and trying to find something is ridiculously hard.
Contacting Audible support was – of course – an exercise in frustration. They told me to contact Apple for help. 🙄

#apple #tech #books #audoobooks

My current keyboard setup:

For a while, I attempted to track my reading on this website as part of my experiment with Indieweb technology.

I have concluded that it was just too much trouble for too little gain. There are many tools out there that do a better job of this, and not all of them are terrible.

After a little bit of dabbling around, I have landed on LibraryThing as my online catalogue of books. I’ve been using it for a couple of years now but have only recently settled on a consistent logging habit.

LibraryThing might not look as pretty as Goodreads, but it has some pretty nice customisation options. There are a lot of things you can do to organise your books – perfect for the nerds who like to fiddle.

Look, there’s a table view! (The Excel nerd in me celebrates)

And there’s even a dashboard showing a breakdown of your library: by publication date, by genre, rating, author’s gender – it even shows a breakdown by whether the authors are dead or alive.

So the long and short of it is that I will be doing most of my book ratings and cataloguing over on LibraryThing now, and you can find my library here.