Nanowrimo Day 30.

Wow, November kind of just flew by.
It’s been a great experience this year, so I’m going to try to keep some kind of writing habit going.
Let’s see how this all works out.

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Nanowrimo Day 29.

I am definitely doing things backwards; after writing 100K, I am now going back to do all the planning, outlining and character backstories.
But I needed to do it this way to figure out the Story before I do the Crafting.

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Nanowrimo: Day 26

Nanowrimo Day 26.

Considering my less than productive afternoon, I did manage to find my flow again after sunset.

I should go capitalise on this visit from my night-muse now.

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Nanowrimo: Day 25

Nanowrimo Day 25.

No lie, I’m starting to feel the strain. I’ve been taking this as a sprint when I should have been taking it as a marathon.
I’ve got to take this much slower when I continue writing this after November.

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Nanowrimo: Day 24

Nanowrimo Day 24.

My story is in 1st person POV, but I find myself re-writing a lot of my chapters from other character’s POV to figure out what’s going through their heads.
It’s a fun way to learn more about my characters.

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To give my mind a rest from writing words, last night I noodled around with Charty and Shortcuts to create an iOS widget showing my words… 🤦🏻‍♀️

btw @nanowrimo, can you please open the word count API again?

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