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@fiona The things you learn. Now I have names for two activities I do often.😁

Although I don’t know whether they should call page parking a millennial thing (that seems to put a negative spin to it); it just a very efficient way of looking for information.
I can think of the number of times I keep a google search result page open and cmd+click links to open them in seperate tabs; because you never know whether the site has the information you want, and why reload the google search result?

Also, you commented that you use Pocket to page park while browsing your social feed. That led me to thinking (and I’m sure others would have thought of this before, but it only just occurred to me)…

Maybe if people got into the habit of marking/saving social media posts they are interested in responding to, but held off commenting or interacting with it until after they’ve gone through their social feed, maybe FB and Twitter would have more thoughtful conversations.

Perhaps social media should also be separated into two separate activities – you first read through your feed, collecting all the posts you find interesting or thought provoking, then after that’s done, you switch your mind to actually deciding whether a response is necessary and if yes, to actually composing a response.

In fact I think I might start doing that with m.b. (A tool to triage mb posts @hartlco?)

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  1. @vishae That’s the best way to go. I have tabs saved in a browser extension, tweets bookmarked (one of twitter’s few good recent additions to their feature set), and articles saved to pinboard.

    The main thing I’m working on is the best way to save these things in locations where they can be easily grabbed from on my preferred reading devices: tablet, phone, and Kindle. But the general method is sound!

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