So over a year ago I listed out all my subscribed podcasts. It’s been over a year, and there has been some changes.

In case anyone is looking for new shows to listen to…

Too New to Judge

  • 7am – I want to try getting into some daily local news podcast (not tech news). However, I have yet to listen to a single episode.
  • Adapt – I’m trying to use my iPad more, so I look to this for inspiration
  • Awaken Your Inner Witch – long story; a friend told me to listen to this
  • Baby Geniuses – I want to listen to more podcasts made by women, but I haven’t started this yet
  • Shameless – same as above

Must Listen

  • Accidental Tech Podcast (ATP) – my love for this show is still going strong
  • Automators – I have to take notes while listening to this show. Usually after an episode, I spend an entire weekend playing with some sort of automation or another
  • Cortex – there are two people I would listen to pretty much any podcast they are involved in, John Siracusa and CGP Grey. This is one of the latter’s.
  • Hello Internet – Remember what I said about CGP Grey (above)?
  • Mac Power User – the show dynamic has changed since Katie left; it’s a different show, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing
  • Mnmltek Podcast – this is a strange addition to the list because there doesn’t seem to be any new episodes since a year ago, but I really enjoyed this show and would definitely have this on my “Must Listen” when/if it restarts again
  • Radio Free Burrito dot Com – very irregular episodes, so if Will Wheaton publishes another episode, it’s a must listen for me
  • Robot or Not? – if you’re a Siracusa fan, this is a must listen
  • Trigger Point – my podcast, I need to listen to it to make sure the audio went through fine and that the artwork was showing up properly, but you should listen because it’s a great show (but then, I’m biased)


  • Clockwise – a short 30 minute show to get a taste of what tech topic is trending currently
  • Everything is Alive – this show is so whimsical, and just brings a smile to my face
  • Focused – I’m a sucker for productivity podcasts
  • The Sword and Laser – this show recommends so many good books, and then I listen to those (audiobooks) and get behind on my podcasts…
  • Timetable – to hear about the behind-the-scene about

Pick and Choose by Episodes

  • Back to Work – I’m so behind on my list of episodes that I don’t really end up listening to this much, but I still enjoy it enough to keep it on my subscribed list
  • Do Go On – A little bit of Aussie humour with trivia worthy information
  • The Flop House – I definitely haven’t heard enough episodes to get the inside jokes
  • ID10T with Chris Hardwick – when I recognise the name of the actor Chris is interviewing I’d download the episode to listen
  • The Incomparable – I listen when they talk about movies or tv shows I’ve watched, I definitely listen during Hugo season, or any book recommendation episodes
  • Micro Monday
  • iMore Show
  • The Pen Addict – This was on my Regular Listen list last year; it’s not that I don’t like pens anymore, it’s just that I don’t buy as much pen and inks anymore and this show is too dangerous for my wallet
  • Reconcilable Differences – same situation as Back to Work
  • The Rebound – I hardly ever listen to this anymore, but it’s not yet on my Rotating Out list. There’s nothing wrong with this show, but I have so many tech shows on my plate that by the time I get to this show I’m sick of the topics they’re covering
  • Rocket – same as above
  • The Talk Show with John Gruber – mainly for the WWDC shows
  • Upgrade

Naively Optimistic

If I ever get the time…

Rotating Out

  • The Adventure Zone – Myke Hurley keeps raving on about this show, but I should just give up on trying to listen to RPG games on podcast – I have way too many podcasts already
  • Canvas – I never did get around to listening to this, and now it’s ended, and the topics – unfortunately – are not evergreen, so I’m more likely to listen to Adapt or Automators
  • Dice Hard – If listening to people play tabletop RPG on podcast is hard, listening to people describe boardgames via audio only is near impossible
  • Download – too many tech podcasts
  • Neon Decay – same as Twin Cities by Night
  • The Obligatory RPG Show
  • Query (Ended)
  • Subnet (Ended) – this was a very good idea, too bad it ended
  • TED Radio Hour – what was I thinking?
  • Twin Cities by Night – I was looking for podcasts of Vampire the Masquerade play sessions (tabletop RPG), this was one of them. TLDR, I ended up watching Geek and Sundry’s “Vampire: The Masquerade – L.A. By Night” instead.
  • Your Daily Lex – I think this one has ended

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